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Dynamic Course Creation to Attract Raving Fans

As a service provider, it can sometimes feel as if you have to have a course if you want to scale and grow your business. 

Not to mention that you’ve had a good idea brewing for some time.

The problem is that you’re so busy with client work, you really don’t have time to build something sustainable.

And while you’ve thought about getting someone to help you – you wonder about the expense and energy it will take just to get your idea across.

But then – you see others in your field and wonder . . . how hard can this really be?

The online course market has exploded.

Online learning is projected to be a $240 Billion market in 2022. But, up to 85% of participants enrolling in those courses, never complete those courses (more recent studies say the dropout rate is as high as 96%!!)

And that can be detrimental for your business.

→ No repeat customers or devoted fans (they’re too ashamed to come back)

→ Unattained results & overwhelmed course takers

→ Missed referrals and opportunities

→ Lost potential revenue

The truth is there are too many “bad” courses out there. The ones that don’t provide results, struggle with engagement and are too disorganized to follow. And if yours is one of them, chances are you’ll feel as frustrated as your course takers.

Let’s try something better.

Online Course Creation and Audits For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

It’s Time to Course Correct

You’ve been told that a course can earn you an extra 10, 20 or even $50K per month, but only if you can deliver repeatable results sustained over time.

Creating an online course requires more than sharing your one-to-one services in a group setting.

You need clear results, direct engagement and a trajectory for course takers to continue to work with you.

But with all the day-to-day responsibilities you’re already juggling, it can be overwhelming to know where you start.

  • How do you take what you do now and turn it into a course?
  • You have a course, but it’s not performing the way you want it to?
  • You aren’t sure what kind of course your audience even wants?
  • There are a thousand moving parts and you feel overwhelmed?
  • Can you even afford to have someone build your course?

At The Course Corrector, we’ve created a framework to help you create a profitably sustainable course that drives raving fans to you and grows your bottom line. . . without the stress.

We’ll translate your ideas using the COURSE Corrector Method and prepare something you can’t wait to share.

      C – Create Clear identifiable Goals

      O – Set Outcomes and Pathways for Success

      UUnique Course Proposition: Help Your Course Stand Out

      R – Identify Realistic Milestones and Action Items

      S – Create Solid Content 

      E – Ensure Engagement & Ongoing Investment

We’re The Course Correctors.

Passionate. Engaged. Results Oriented.

What makes us different is that we combine the skills of copywriting, editing, course-building and mindset to help you grow your business with your course. 

More than anything, we’ve learned that the difference between a one-hit-wonder and long-term sustainable success is using what we know about human behavior to build something better. 

Who wants to be a one-hit-wonder, anyway? 

Together we’ve created courses that have generated over $500,000 in revenue for copywriters, marketers, life coaches, business strategists and consultants and we’re obsessed with getting results for you.

Let us help you build a course that promises your course takers results and grows your business!

– Maya Stojkovich & Linda Perry

Reenie Vincent

The Course Corrector Packages

We offer affordable course audits and creation for busy service providers. Work with us and we’ll deliver your course within 6-8 weeks!

We are also able to create a la carte packages that include script writing, editing and platform support.

Linda has the exceptional ability to connect essential elements of a course into a comprehensive and cohesive framework. She is an integral collaborator on my programs, providing clarity, direction and mindset support that produce results!

Nancy Levin

Master coach, bestselling author, podcast host and founder of Levin Life Coach Academy

Navigate your Course Creation With The Course Correctors

It’s not about just having an online course – but rather, having one that actually succeeds and grows your business.

We’ll build a course that drives your participants to successfully complete their goals, get superior results and creates consistent revenue streams for your business . . . long term.

Enjoy the journey and feel prepared enough to complete your the vision you’ve had for your course all along.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create a course for my business?

At The Course Corrector, we create courses and programs for business owners, service providers, authors, coaches, consultants and speakers. 

Chances are if you need an online course, we can create it for you!

To see if our services are a fit for you, we recommend you schedule a free strategic call to see how we can help you.

What's included in your packages?

That depends on which package you choose.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we offer:

The Course Audit

This is for anyone who already has a course (or a mostly developed course), but it’s not selling the way you want or your customers aren’t getting the results you hoped (or both). 

We’ll review your course using our COURSE framework and help you identify how to improve your program so that you make the impact you desire.


A 60 minute intake session identifying roadblocks and establishing growth goals

A full course audit which includes:

  • Platform evaluation: ease of use, flow and clarity
  • Course Goal, Teaching Points and Customer Journey
  • Mindset Review: Identify where course takers might get stuck and ways to improve motivation, clarity, focus
  • Deliverables: Review deliverables and provide feedback on clarity, effectiveness and how support overall goal
  • Course Promotion: Does the message or course funnel accurately reflect what is being delivered
  • Ultimate course grade: this tells you how well it’s working to meet your desired goals and outcomes
  • Single Follow-Up Session to be completed within six months of completing your course.

Recommendations: We will include our recommendations in a report that specifies how you can improve your course or possibly improve promotion.

Plus, you’ll get The Course Corrector Guide to Building the Ultimate Course for Your Audience

The Course Perfected

Whether you’re just starting out or you have a course that isn’t working the way you want, we’ll work with you to develop a course that gets results, raving reviews and increases your revenue. While we won’t write out the scripts, we’ll provide you with outlines and content flow maps so you can complete your own course and deliver something that makes an impact.


  • A 90 Minute Goal Setting Session
  • A full audit of all materials 
  • Customer Journey Roadmap
  • Full Course Outline
  • Workbook Outline
  • The Mindset Roadmap (key strategies to keep your audience engaged)
  • Single Follow-Up Session to be completed within six months of completing your course.
  • Post-program fine tuning

Plus, you’ll get The Course Corrector Guide to Building the Ultimate Course for Your Audience

The Course Perfected Plus

Everything that is included in The Course Perfected Plus:

Branding for Key Components of Your Course Including Logo, Workbook and Images for Sales Launch

A La Carte Items

  • Course Consultation ½ Day VIP
  • Sales Launch Roadmap
  • Sales Launch Strategy Call
  • Script Editing
  • Mindset Sessions/Workshops for Course Creators

If you’re interested in any of our packages or a la carte items, please schedule a strategic call or email us at

How will we work together?

We ask every single potential client to begin by scheduling a free strategic session and complete our initial inquiry. During that session, we’ll determine if we’re a fit to work together. 

Once you’ve retained us to create your program or audit your current materials, we schedule The Course Corrector Roadmapping Session and invite you to submit your materials to us for review. We are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements you require and will only use the materials you share to provide you with accurate recommendations and a course outline!

After we’ve completed the The Course Corrector Roadmapping Session, we get to work. We will likely remain in contact via email and will schedule any follow-ups we deem necessary. 

Your final deliverables will be shared with you between 6 to 8 weeks after we’ve been hired. You will have an opportunity to review the material and provide feedback. We also offer a final fine-tuning session to review any changes you want made after the course has been launched and shared with your audience. 

What if I already have a program?

Cool! We can work with you.

You have the opportunity to select The Course Audit and we’ll provide recommendations to improve your program. Or, if you are looking to rewrite and overhaul your program we recommend you select The Course Perfected and we’ll create something spectacular that is profitable.

We can also create a custom package depending on your specific needs. To begin, schedule a complimentary strategic session with us today

What if I have only a vague idea for a course?

That’s ok (in fact, we love it when we can work through this stuff with you). We can filter through your ideas, provide suggestions and look at the ways you’re currently working with your clients in order to create a program that suits your needs and your audience’s needs. 

How long does it take to create my course?

As long as you are timely with the deadlines we set for delivery of materials and setting up The Course Corrector Roadmapping Session, we anticipate delivery of materials in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. 

Who gets the rights to the final course?

You always have the rights to your course materials. We do not keep any of the materials and only reserve the rights to our intellectual property which includes our framework for course creation. 

Do you offer edits AFTER you've finished creating my online course?

We’ve thought about that. We include a final review call where we will make reasonable adjustments to your course or program based upon feedback from your students and from yourself. 


It’s all included in the price of course creation.